Frères Rochat

The Rochat Brothers set themselves apart from their contemporaries by the sophistication of their birds’ movements and the careful assembly of cams, thanks to which sudden melody interruptions are no longer an issue. Famous around the world for the quality and architecture of their movements, the Rochat Brothers succeed in the amazing feat of making their birds chirp well-known musical pieces. Containing a unique set of Grand Complications, the architecture of their jewels is likened to that of a great artist’s canvas and belonged to the market of inaccessible luxury. In 1813, they open a shop at rue de Coutance in Geneva, marking the beginning of a supremacy which would last until the mid 19th century. Almost hundred of their masterpieces were exported across the world.

Since 1813, Frères Rochat Singing Bird Masterpieces have been enchanting their privileged audience. Faithful to the spirit of their predecessors, the Frères Rochat watchmakers, both craftsmen and restorers have risen to the impressive challenge of reinventing this unique Grand Complication Singing Bird movement with 20 complications. Any of the 1227 components is 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in Switzerland. Frères Rochat gathers its most demanding clientele exclusive custom-made personalisation and provides many moments of emotions through its rare Masterpiece of arts and crafts. Welcome to the world of Enchanting Singing Birds.

Frères Rochat offers its most demanding customers unique works of art, customised according to their wishes, built with precious metals, decorated with lavish ornamentation, with enamelling, hand engraving and precious stone-setting. Our two lines Intemporis and Babylone are developed to allow for the creation of unique pieces.


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Frères Rochat Inspiration
Frères Rochat Inspiration
Frères Rochat Technical Presentation
Frères Rochat Technical Presentation Movie