Maya Gemstones was founded in 2016 by Olga Pekarevskaia. Named after her eldest daughter, the brand’s signature triangular cut offers a unique blend of colour and shine matching or surpassing more traditional rounds cuts.


More particularly, the triangular stones have 28-facets and are cut according to a patented design. This is inspired from Olga’s extensive travels, which taught her to be acutely sensitive towards different cultures and their own ways of interacting with precious stones.


With this in mind, Maya melds a cutting-edge aesthetic with a traditional approach to high-fashion jewelry. Dedicated to creating exquisite designs honoring the individuality of the wearer, the brand is an intention for empowerment through self-expression. Our pieces are handmade from lost wax cast and hand-forged silver, yellow gold and rose gold as well as copper and brass, and meticulously hand-carved organic materials.


We pride ourselves on ceaseless innovation, attention to detail, and unsurpassed quality, creating bold statement designs that echo the beauty of tribal heirlooms. Maya Jewelry is not just a brand, but has created a distinctive style. Featured in British Vogue and worn by celebrities such as Beyonce, Jada Pinkett Smith, Steven Tyler and Zoe Kravitz; this brand is explosive, and these meticulously hand-crafted designs have gained a cult-like following world-wide.