18 months of study combined with the Swiss watchman heritage to make the crystalline surface of the sapphire glass strong in the substance and light in its iridescent reflections. 90 ours of high craftsmanship to bring to life each magic scenery. 2 intense years of research to obtain the ideal thermal compensation of the liquid inside the transparent heart. 10 month to design the 100% waterproof container for the most secure protection. 300 hours of work and to realize the shining gold 24k paillettes according to the French expertise dating back to 1830. 8 different procedures to create the fascinating slow-motion effect. 7 months to find the alchemical perfection of the liquid that protects each stone. 240 hours and 18 procedures to create and assemble each single ring.

Every microscopic detail enclosed in the Dreamboule boule de neige delivers to the future the exact and wonderful sum of minutes, hours, days, months, years.