Watches that are designed, built, and worn to celebrate legendary people.
Every life is different in an infinite number of ways, and we at Avantist believe in unique expressions of personal journies. When we build a timepiece, we use our collective expertise to transform life experiences into a beautiful and coherent watch of the finest Swiss quality. Designed for and worn by Kings, Prime Ministers, Presidents and sporting legends around the world. Avantist is the under-the-radar independent brand that when you hear people talking about it and you know people who wear them - then you know you have arrived.
 The award-winning team behind Avantist have decades of experience in the Swiss watch industry working for the most prestigious brands in the world and winning multiple Grand Prix of watchmaking awards; if there was ever a Dream-Team of designers and watchmakers worling on an independent project of passion, this would be it. They have created this independent brand to serve the most exclusive of clientele.