Sukaina Mackie is one of the most exciting and innovative jewellers working today. Mackie’s rare combination of technical expertise and aesthetic creativity has rightly won her dynamic young enterprise a client-list that runs from royalty to red-carpet. Mackie’s passion for precious stones was first sparked in childhood, then carefully nurtured by her family - whose history at the heart of the international diamond trade goes back for more than 60 years.


Since 2001, when Mackie launched Jade Jewellery, the brand has rapidly gained a reputation as one of the Middle East’s most compelling go-to destinations for aficionados of fine jewellery. Jade’s USP is based on Mackie’s unique sensibility. Her Lebanese heritage informs custom-made pieces that blend both Eastern and western influences. And her proficiency in design allows her to meld the avant-garde with the traditional to offer pieces that are vibrantly contemporary and singularly individual. Jade’s formula for success was complete, however, only when Rola Krimmley - who happens to be Mackie’s sister-in-law - joined the business as a partner in 2007. Krimmley’s flamboyant sensibility, effusive creativity and nomadic instinct make the perfect foil for Mackie: together this jewellery dream team has built one of the most exciting young businesses in the industry.

Jade offers custom-made collections for women, men, and children. Mackie’s especial expertise in diamonds - she is an HRD-Certified Diamond Grader - and Jade has access to the finest stones in the widest range of cuts, all sources from Antwerp’s most reputable dealers. While the design and manufacturing process - from first sketch to final completion - might take several weeks, Jade clients testify that a short delay is worth the wait when the result is a precious piece that remains unique forever. Previous commissions have included pieces to mark the birth of a child, or a graduation, or a wedding anniversary. Many are gifts presented to loved-ones for no more reason than deep personal affection. As Krimmley explains, Jade’s greatest inspiration is its clients: “When someone comes to us, we observe her and wonder what would fit her personality, look, and taste. Our connection with our clients is very intimate.”

Furthermore, Mackie’s unparalleled network of contacts allows Jade to offer a premium selection of precious pieces from the finest jewellery houses. Alongside Krimmley, Mackie ceaselessly travels the globe to find unique pieces: their mission is to ensure Jade clients have jewellery that no one else has. Jade’s formula has found phenomenal success: following the opening of its first boutique in Jeddah, Mackie and Krimmley are focusing on the establishment of branches in both London and Paris to meet the desires of their increasingly international client base.