Sutra Jewels was born in 2008, from a husband-wife collaboration between Arpita and Divyanshu Navlakha. Sutra meaning "a collection of sacred verses" in Sanskrit; it is meant to be a sacred part of a collection to each of those who treasure a piece.

This was created with the modern woman in mind and is a combination of classic sophistication paired with avant-garde style. The line is centered on the preciousness of exotic gemstones, fusing remarkable use of color with innovative construction, translating into wearable art.

While Arpita drives the creative direction, her husband who emanates from a jewelry family in Northern Dehli, submerges himself in the loose stone world. A love challenge of sorts, he travels to the corners of the earth to find her the perfect material for her artistic musings. Arpita's limitless creativity combined with her husband's expertise in fine gem sourcing emerges in inimitable bespoke works of art. From stone to story, each piece harmoniously reflects the couple's unified creative visions and their intense chemistry in tangible form.

 Over time, Sutra has become a red-carpet staple being seen on many Hollywood starlets and VIPs. The collection has graced Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, and Oprah, to name just a few.